Kaeleya created the Goddess Guidance Method

To describe the way she works with each woman-using Divine Communication, EnergyBody Wisdom, and Inner Game Mastery, with Love and Deep Support – that focuses on healing inner blocks and awakening Sovereign Self so that powerful women can lead at their highest level and Have It All– without living in a painful relationship with their inner voice, bodies, or personal lives.

“I work with highly driven women who refuse to live in painful out-of-alignment relationships as they manifest their mission on this planet.”

Kaeleya’s process locates and liberates the inner blocks to her clients’ success and provides a mastery approach for painful body sensitivities and expansion symptoms that show up for highly driven women as they advance into higher levels of success and achievement.

When a woman reaches out to Kaeleya, the hidden inner blocks have begun to show themselves in her outer world. Often manifesting as conflicts in business, body or her personal life and the feeling that something inside is holding her back, something unseen yet actively in the way of her moving forward with momentum and living her best life.

Kaeleya’s clients also often experience body sensitivities and expansion symptoms that can manifest as feeling out of body, dizziness, body pain, weight gain, headaches, digestive issues and overly sensitized (as if larger than life, louder than normal) to otherwise normal activities like driving, being in large stores and airports, conducting team meetings, sitting in restaurants, and engaging in one on one conversations with clients or team members.

These are powerful and successful women who have made a life for themselves by creating success and taking aligned actions. . . but something in the game has changed and they are unable to take charge of or even make sense of the unseen blocks or the Sudden Inner Struggle they feel in their bodies that shows up out of nowhere.

The problem lives in the rapid acceleration of awareness and the ability to access energetic alignment that is being demanded of feminine leaders at this time.

A new level of leadership is being called forward. . . the way of A Sacred Leader, of one who does a deeper level of inner work (with Love for the Self) and understands how to use her own inner game mastery to lead this world to the next level of awareness, peace and prosperity.

Focusing on cracking hidden communication codes in the body to create energetic alignment with their business mission and desired way of Being, Kaeleya’s programs are based on EnergyBody Wisdom, Divine Communication, accelerated pathways to success, rituals, and healing in a container of love and high level support.