I found a way to go to the next level without stepping into a power struggle with my Self.

I live in deep connection with my body, and I feel fully present and at peace in my body, and my life.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

I was living the high life. VIP excursions, friends, vacations, gorgeous home and business was GOOD. I was seen on the outside as a high achiever, always together and on top of it, ‘having it all’ and living in a land of bliss and ease.

In reality, even though I looked like I had it all together on the outside. . . nobody knew what was really going on on the inside. The Truth? I felt like my body was in a constant dance between a power surge and freefall. I struggled moment to moment trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

I tried to drown it out, forget about it, work harder, take on more responsibility. . . hoping I would be too damn busy to notice or care. But that didn’t work, it only made it worse.

No matter what I did, every time I expanded into the next level of business, my level of awareness expanded and I would experience the feeling that something inside of me was holding me back. . . body sensitivities and a suddenly surreal daily life were part of the package. Every time I expanded my reach, I felt a hidden inner opposition to my focus and success. It was incredibly frustrating and it cost me hundreds of thousands in time and money.

I couldn’t get away from it, couldn’t shut IT up, couldn’t shut IT down… because the IT was actually ME. And ‘Me’ had no intention of leaving me alone.

That’s when I figured it out.

The only way OUT was to go IN.

I began to honour myself. . . to honour the journey. I discovered a way to get clear and into the power position that works 100% of the time, every time.

I know how to get what I want without ignoring the messages in my body, and without sacrificing the peace and joy of being comfortable in my own skin.

My life is so different now. I haven’t stopped noticing all the ways, all the things I do with ease, living in peace and fully present. . . I no longer suffer through the inner oppositions that come with going to the next level.

I no longer resist going into full expansion mode. . . my body now sees me as a Trusted and Sacred Leader.

Living your best life is a skill not a talent.

As a woman in leadership, you GET to remove the inner blocks that are showing up in your body and your outer world so that you can feel good in your body while you accelerate, expand your reach and create your legacy! Living your best life is a skillset that wants to be developed, that is all.

Leading the way without fighting yourself every step of the way is the new way to lead. . . living in true alignment with who you are and your reason for being here.

It’s why I do what I do. I help ambitious, driven women just like you become free to expand into your highest level AND be in charge of feeling good in your body by combining my metaphysical knowledge, divine communication abilities and my EnergyBody practices.