Awakening your Power to Succeed

Remove Your Inner Blocks and Manifest Your Mission Without a 1000 Ton Drag on Your Momentum

I’m Kaeleya R. Undugodage – a metaphysician, divine communication specialist, and spiritual advisor to transformational women leaders.

The women who come into my practice are already badasses in business. . . powerful and focused. . . yet they come to me frustrated.

They are seasoned, they know how to get it done and get what they want, AND they are 100% committed and driven to succeed. . . so why do they suddenly feel like there is some kind of hidden opposition to their success living inside of them?

The consistent feeling that there is something holding them back from going to their next level of success is frustrating the hell out of them.

Here is what I know:

Women who expand into higher levels of achievement and success awaken a new level of body awareness that calls out to them. . . asking them to pay more attention to what is really going on inside the Self.

Women are feeling the call to show up in full alignment and discard the disconnected way of being. . . not just for the outer world, but for the inner world. . . there is an ache for a deeper connection to their bodies, to really be in charge of Self and shift the experiences that show up like oppositions to their success and happiness, and to move beyond the patterns that feel like ‘out of reach yet persistently present inner ceilings’. . .

Mainstream methods haven’t worked because they don’t go into the body, mind and soul energy field to get the unique-to-each-woman information that is waiting to be uncovered and embraced, and they don’t address the powerful energy found in patterns asking to be used as fuel for success and higher levels of achievement, peace and presence.

My methods provide an illumination of what is hidden, liberation from the hidden opposition that is wreaking havoc on business, body and personal relationships, an awakened connection to the Goddess Within, and a clear path to being in charge on the inside.

My clients become bigger receivers for all they desire, stop losing time trying to figure it all out, step into a masterful relationship with Self, and create success at their highest level – without the hidden opposition.